Lets be Kind People

I awoke to the horrific news of the Manchester Arena bomb and I immediately turned off the news notifications on my phone.

Is ignorance bliss? No. Of course we need to know about these things. What we don’t need is the media circus that will now surround this atrocity.

Be kind today people. Turn off the telly. Do something nice for someone. Hug your loved ones. Call that friend you have been meaning to call. Tell your nearest and dearest you love them. Our time in this body is limited. Don’t put it off.

Love each other. It’s the only way forward.

Talk to yourself

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 11.16.00


Have a word ..

.. or two with yourself.. and make them kind, empowering, supportive, positive.

We all have an internal dialogue and unfortunately it’s rarely good. I don’t know about you, but I’ve really struggled with that annoying little negative voice in my head, you know the one, the one that says;

“you can’t”, “you shouldn’t”, “you’re not good enough”

Once you’re aware of the little blighter (I’m gonna call mine Roger) you can’t seem to shut them up but I’m telling you that you can. You can replace them entirely. 🙂

You can replace them with whoever you choose so choose someone supportive, someone who encourages you with words of power, of can-do, of you are enough. My new voice is called Sally. She cheers me on, she tells me to go do, she tells me it will al be alright and that all I need to do is try.

I’ve heard it said that the quality of your life will be determined by the quality of the conversations you have with yourself. So mind your mind people. You ARE enough, you CAN do it.

You are worthy

Affirm it, believe it, know it.


How lucky are we?

Sometimes we need a reminder and I got mine last night.

A reminder to live, a reminder of how lucky we are and how we should appreciate what we’ve got, shut up with our moaning and negativity and just get on with it.

I’ve been feeling a little less than my ridiculously positive self recently. A bit of self doubt creeping in perhaps, certainly a bit of complacency. Then last night I met Jill.

For those of you who don’t know, I volunteer at Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio every Tuesday evening.

Click here to take a look

I joined up about a year ago with reasonably selfish reasons;

  • I wanted to learn about Radio
  • I wanted to practice my presentation skills
  • I thought I would enjoy it and I love music
  • I love entertaining people
  • I thought it might help launch my new career
  • Blah blah blah..

Now I get all the above (apart from the career launch bit, yet..) and I really love it, but part of my role as producer on the Tuesday night request show, is to go round the wards getting requests for the show. This is something I knew I would enjoy but I never expected it to be so profound.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 19.21.12

It’s funny isn’t, you do something and expect it will give you a certain result, but often that result turns out to be something different.


I am blessed. I get a weekly slice of perspective on what is truly important in life and it helps to drive me, it helps to ground me and it helps me to appreciate what I have. And I have a lot.

If you’re reading this on your computer or your smart phone or your tablet, you probably have a lot too.

Be grateful for it people. Use it. Use it wisely. Take the time you have and do something significant with it; tell that person you love them, turn off the telly and read that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages, hell WRITE the book you’ve been thinking about writing, book that holiday you don’t think you can afford, take that chance you’ve been talking yourself out of.

Take the shackles off your life and just get on with it. You see you never know just how long you’re going to have left to get it done.

Thanks for reading (and for watching)

A x



Pay it forward

Random acts of kindness

have a power that is quite remarkable.

I have realised this past year that there is a fundamental connection between all of us. It’s a connection that I think we have suppressed or maybe we have forgotten it existed at all. I don’t think the media helps (fear? anyone? anyone?) and there is a constant message that we are all different, unique etc. I also don’t think smart phones and headphones help, they’re almost a barrier to true hunan connection (and I’m as addicted as the next person btw).

Now I’m not saying that we don’t have unique individualities but there are are more fundamental similarities between us and I believe that we are, or at least can be, all connected.

You see once we understand that we are connected we start to be kinder to each other. When we understand that what we do to others, we do to ourselves, then the world we live in starts to shift.

I chatted with a guy in the gym on Wednesday. His name is Mark and he was wearing some funny looking compression socks on his calves. I have had a few calf injuries so I decided to strike up a conversation with him by asking him about his calf socks. Now this is a guy I’ve seen a few times, he (like most people) trains alone and seems to (like most people) avoid eye contact and he always trains (like most people) with his headphones on.

Once we got past the awkward repeat of my 1st sentence (headphones) I discovered that he’s a really nice guy. We chatted for maybe 10 minutes and it was easy, comfortable and informative. I learned all about the compression socks, triathlon and bare foot running. It was a nice chat and now I have made a friend at the gym that I didn’t have previously. Next time I see him I can say “hello Mark, how’s the training going?”. It’s the start of a relationship where before there was just 2 strangers.

Now I know this is not groundbreaking news and I’m not expecting you to be “ooing” and “aahing” at my incredible social grace. It was just simple and all it took was one comment, one ice breaker and I think we all need to do this a lot more than we do. When we do our world is enriched.

We all need to be kinder to each other. We are then kinder to ourselves.

Have a lovely day and thanks for reading.

A x


What would love do?

[thrive_headline_focus title=”I learned some stuff last night” orientation=”center”]

well re-learned perhaps. Or maybe reinforced? It’s funny isn’t it, when your on a certain path (and looking) that the same message comes up over and over..

I’d been listening to a Wayne Dyer audio during the day and he was talking about the ability we all have to choose our world, to literally create what we want from our thoughts and to not allow other peoples negativity to affect (infect) us.. interesting it was (I love Wayne).

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.38.02

So I was at the gym yesterday and there is this young lady there who helps the people check in and out and stuff, a kinda PR person. She was having a bad day. She was pleased to see me because I am a smiley person and she said that all the people were grumpy and rude today.

Well what you think about you bring about. She was stuck in that rut and all she could see was negativity. I tried to help her and get her to see that not everyone was upset, angry or rude and that she could focus on the positive people and not let anyone who was negative affect her, but she was having none of it. By the time I came back down from the gym to go home, her day had descended into chaos and she was actually shouting at a customer as I walked past her. Ouch.


Last night I went to an event in London called the Landmark Forum.

for those who are interested

The room was packed, the presenter was amazing, the testimonials were moving and content was resonant.

The final piece of the night was about relationships and how we can transform them by the way we respond. It really struck a chord with me and reminded me again of the power of choice.

I liked it so much that I made a little video this morning to help share the experience.

[video_page_section type=”youtube” position=”default” image=”” btn=”light” heading=”” subheading=”” cta=”” video_width=”1080″ hide_related=”false” hide_logo=”false” hide_controls=”false” hide_title=”false” hide_fullscreen=”false”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkG20C72Qmk[/video_page_section]


I thought my evening was done, but the Universe wasn’t quite done with me yet.. when I got home I picked up my book to read a little before my bed time meditation. My current evening read is “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. It isn’t quite what it seems. It’s actually not a religious book at all but if you’ve any questions about life then I would highly recommend it. Neal (who is also not religious) was very angry so decided to write a letter to God expressing his frustration with his lot. As he finished the letter his hand was moved and he found that God answered him. He then entered into a conversation with ‘God’ and it makes for quite a read. Crackpot? Nut job? or Divine Inspiration? I’ll let you decide but I have found it to be quite a profound experience (oh and by the way, God has a wicked sense of humour)

Anyhooo. So I pick up the book and open it to the page I’d been at and this is what I read..

God- And so I tell you this: be now and forever centered upon your Self. Look to see what you are being, doing and having in any given moment, not what is going on with another. It is not in the action of another, but in your re-action that your salvation will be found.


The Universe works in strange ways indeed.

If you’re stuck with how to respond to someone or something that you perceive as negative in your life, ask yourself this question.

What would Love do?

Have a super Thursday my lovelies.


A x


Life’s too short

[thrive_headline_focus title=”Life’s too short” orientation=”center”]

to be serious all the time..

So this weekend, the missus, the dog and I took some much needed time out to have a date day.

The weather was a bit grey but we didn’t care and it didn’t stop us exploring. We live in High Wycombe which is fair to say, isn’t the prettiest of towns but it is surrounded by beauty; [thrive_highlight highlight=’default’ text=’light’][/thrive_highlight] Marlow and Henley on one side, Great Missenden and the Chilterns on the other. There are also lots of lovely little villages dotted around and we (on recommendation) decided to visit [thrive_custom_font id=’null’]Turville[/thrive_custom_font]

A short 15 minute drive away from us is Turville and it is simply gorgeous. It’s only little but it’s delightful, so delightful that Midsummer Murders, The Vicar of Dibley and scenes from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang were all filmed in the village.


We went for a walk up the hill and shot a little video. No positive message included. Unless you consider a bit of a giggle a positive message, which I suppose it might just be. Gents. Take your wives out more often, even if they don’t wanna go. It’s fun. 🙂


[video_page_section type=”youtube” position=”default” image=”” btn=”light” heading=”” subheading=”” cta=”” video_width=”1080″ hide_related=”false” hide_logo=”false” hide_controls=”false” hide_title=”false” hide_fullscreen=”false”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph-PB3hPMeQ[/video_page_section]


Have a lovely day people. Hope this makes you smile.


A x

Accept it and flow

Acceptance = peace

So today I learned a lesson

and it’s a good one.

I learned to accept the way things are.

Simple right?

Yup, easy. And it leads to a cool place.


My friend Kia taught me that sometimes when things don’t go your way that it’s ok, that it is in fact just fine and this led me to the realisation that she is one seriously cool person. I mean can you imagine just not getting mad? Not getting angry? Ever? I know, it sounds like the holy grail, right? but seriously, when you realise that most often, the things that make you angry are out of your control or just there to teach you something, then life becomes a whole lot more fun.

[video_page_section type=”youtube” position=”default” image=”” btn=”light” heading=”” subheading=”” cta=”” video_width=”1080″ hide_related=”false” hide_logo=”false” hide_controls=”false” hide_title=”false” hide_fullscreen=”false”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40lJvkw07os[/video_page_section]

Today was epic. I was at a retreat and the setting was superb. The subject was Reiki, the class was ace, the people were lovely, the food was awesome and the setting was incredible. And there was a massive tree!

IMG_8937 IMG_8948 IMG_8943 IMG_8942


How blessed am I?

Have a lovely evening people.

A x


An attitude of gratitude

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 16.20.38

So I’m feeling really grateful

Which is nice.

and I’m a lucky boy.. I think it’s so important to appreciate what we have and this year I have learned to really appreciate lots of things in my life. Simple things like; walking the dog and seeing his fat little ass run around the park, the taste of fresh fruit, the beauty of nature, a smile from a stranger on the tube.

I used to take it for granted

But not anymore.

I notice things and I appreciate them.

In order to make room for more in your life you first need to be grateful for all that you already have

Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 16.20.59

So I was so happy and inspired that I made another video on Wednesday after talking to my friend Louise the day before and visiting the hospital in the evening.

One thing a lot of us take for granted and don’t appreciate fully is our health. It is only when you don’t have it that you realise how important it is. So I’ve been eating vegan and raw and I’ve been exercising and losing weight and I’ve been drinking a LOT less alcohol and a LOT more herbal tea and water. I’ve finally come to realise (it took me a while!) how important health is. It’s the MOST important thing and I’m grateful my health is good.

Either make time for exercise when you’re young or make time for illness when you’re older

Have a wonderful evening people, stay fit, stay healthy and be grateful for all you have.


xx Andy xx

Let’s Set Some Goals :)

Talking to my Arbonne colleagues

Happy new year my lovelies!

When is it too late to say that?
Are we past the date already?
I hope not, because I haven’t said it enough yet.

I mean, it’s a new year right?

New year, new hopes, new goals, new dreams. Time to reflect, time to take stock and look back at what we did or didn’t achieve last year and how we can do better this time round.

It’s a fresh start isn’t it?

[video_page_section type=”youtube” position=”default” pattern=”http://andybrobinson.com/wp-content/themes/rise/images/patterns/connect.png” btn=”light” heading=”” subheading=”” cta=”” video_width=”1080″” hide_related=”false” hide_logo=”false” hide_controls=”false” hide_title=”false” hide_fullscreen=”false”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8MnVDEoh0Y[/video_page_section]

So it’s time to set some goals… hmmm. Goals. Tough one for some and perhaps easy to set but harder to achieve.

A Goal without a plan is just a wish

Said someone clever.

I don’t know about you, but I find goals great. They’re motivating, they keep me on track and whilst I might not achieve all of the goals I set, they help keep me moving forward.

I have found it really useful to put my goals on little post it notes and stick em about the place. One on the fridge, one on the dash of the car. It helps me keep them front of mind and when I see them it prompts me to ask to myself, ‘what am I doing? Is this helping me get further toward my goal or not?’


Whatever you want to achieve this year, go do it. I believe in you, in all of you and I truly believe anything is possible. If you can see it in your mind, if you can imagine it, then you can achieve it.

So far this year I have had a great time. I got to share my story at an Arbonne training meeting and speak to a room full of lovely entrepreneurs. It floats my boat but I’m weird like that.

I have also been juicing!

Sounds extreme and I guess it kinda is but I got on the scales on new years eve and OMFG. Something needed to be done, so I spent the 1st 8 days of the year living on freshly pressed and blended fruit and vegetable juices. And nothing else. I seriously recommend the diet, it makes you feel great, you’re not hungry (apart from maybe last thing at night) and it has improved just about every aspect of my life. I have

  • Lost weight (5 KG in 5 days!)
  • Saved money on shopping
  • Skin is glowing
  • Loads of energy
  • Kicked the caffeine

I did a week, have had a week off (juicing one meal a day and eating healthily) and feel so good I’ve decided to do it all again so started another 5 day fast yesterday. I’ve followed a book by Jason Vale and can highly recommend it to anyone looking to feel better within themselves. I’ve also gone inadvertently vegan. Feeling chipper!

Have a super day!

Welcome To Me – Andy Robinson

So this is strange, my very 1st website!

What on earth to do with it?

I literally have no idea.

Oh well, how about dedicating it to positive living, ‘cos that’s what I (now) do! Yes. That’s a sound idea. So to begin, a little potted history on how I got here..

A year ago yesterday I was finishing my last shift at Apple.

I worked for them in a retail store for 2.5 years and there were elements of the job that I loved. I loved the people (they are ridiculously smart and talented), I loved the customers (well, most of them), I loved the tech (still do) and I loved the money (Apple pay very well indeed).

But it wasn’t enough. I call them golden handcuffs; the wage, the bonuses, the stock options, the private medical and dental, the free gym membership blah blah blah. It doesn’t matter how much gold goes into them or how shiny they are, if they feel like handcuffs then it’s time to change. So change I did.

I walked away from a job, from a career really, with nothing lined up. Just the faith that it would all work out OK.

I blame Steve Jobs.

Why is Steve to blame? Isn’t he dead?

Well he maybe dead but he lives on via YouTube. The Stamford commencement speech is a must view for anyone about to make a serious decision in their lives. Here it is for your perusal.

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’1′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’0′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UF8uR6Z6KLc[/responsive_video]

A friend of mine put me onto this years ago when I was about to go through a break up (we broke up) and it really helped put my decisions into perspective… It helped me again in 2014 when I decided enough was enough.

I was clinically depressed with a diagnosis from the docs and the offer on the table was pills and/or counselling. My symptoms were typical; broken sleep, the Sunday blues every evening, the silent commute to Kingston Upon Thames included talking myself out of the car every morning, fighting the urge to drive home again, turn off my phone and go back to sleep for a week.

I was trotting to the loo every 5 mins. It wasn’t pleasant and I was spending a lot on Andrex. My friends could see it before me, especially the ones I didn’t see too often. They told me I seemed lost, that I wasn’t myself. I’ve always been quite a positive person you see, but at that point I was low and it showed.

When my boss sat me down for “a chat” it all came to a head.

It’s funny what a question can lead to isn’t it. It’s one of the signs of a good leader, being able to ask the right question at the right time and boy did she deliver.

Her: “Can I ask you Andy, off the record, do you love your job?”
Me: “Off the record, no. There are elements that I like but no, I don’t love it”
Her: “What was your best job?”
Me: “I used to be an entertainer in Spain and I loved that”
Her: “What did you love about it?”
Me: “It was fun, it was easy, it didn’t feel like work and I was good at it. Really good at it. Plus I got a lot of sex (I didn’t say that last bit)”
Her: “Why aren’t you still doing it?”

I was about to give some glib answer about why it was not a job for a middle aged man, about how that boat had sailed, about how tough the entertainment industry is when I stopped.

Me: “I don’t know. Why am I not doing it?” (I asked the question to myself out loud and it suddenly seemed so clear, I was full of excuses, full of bullshit excuses)
Her: ” We only have one life Andy, you’ve got to do what makes you happy. Oh and I want 6 month business plan on my desk on Monday”

(this was Friday evening and I was due to be in store, working all weekend FFS)

She asked me to go away and work on the plan. I went away and watched Steve.

… Steve did his thing. I watched him again then I wrote the letter. The letter of freedom.

  • The letter of fuck you.
  • The letter of intent to start a new life.
  • One I don’t need a vacation from.
  • One I don’t need to take take pills to get through.
  • Bye bye Apple hello me.

That was a year and month or so ago and I can honestly say that the past year has been one of the best of my life. It has had its ups and downs but it’s mainly been up, and up, and up.

I am probably the happiest person you are ever gonna meet. If there is a happier bod out there than me then I want to meet them. And then go for drinks, it would be great fun.

The reason for my happiness?

Well, it’s not money that’s for sure. Sure, I miss a ÂŁ5K chunk landing every month, but money by itself definitely does not make you happy.

I guess if I had to put a word to it it would be peace. Not world peace a la miss world, not even peace and quiet a la Dad’s study but peace as in the internal peace that comes from finding yourself. Finding yourself and finding out that you actually like who you find. Love them even.

I am going to sign off by saying that this blog and vlog will contain a little bit of everything that is important to me. In no particular order that is:

  • Personal and spiritual development
  • Good food
  • Fast cars
  • Life advice
  • Furry animals
  • Family and friends
  • Vice acting
  • Volunteering
  • …And arbonne.

More on all of that later.

Stay well lovely people and in the words of the immortal Mich.

Thanks for reading. x