it’s been to long!

Hello there. I’ve missed you.

Sorry for there being such a ridiculously long gap since my last post. Various things have conspired against me but I make no excuses, I’ve been neglecting you dear readers.

So I am just back from me holibobs with the lovely missus and while there, touring Cali in a drop top Mustang, we listened to some audio and one piece in particular resonated with me. So…. I made a little video to help explain it.


and do you know what.. it works. Try it for yourself and see. I would go as as far as to say that a little extra kindness could go a lot of the way towards solving some of the most significant problem our world faces.

Kindness is a way to be, a choice and if you filter your decisions and reactions through a ‘kindness’ filter then you can’t go too far wrong.

Have a lovely day people and make it better for yourself by doing something for someone today, something unexpected.

Thanks for being there.

A x

Let me know whatcha think!