How lucky are we?

Sometimes we need a reminder and I got mine last night.

A reminder to live, a reminder of how lucky we are and how we should appreciate what we’ve got, shut up with our moaning and negativity and just get on with it.

I’ve been feeling a little less than my ridiculously positive self recently. A bit of self doubt creeping in perhaps, certainly a bit of complacency. Then last night I met Jill.

For those of you who don’t know, I volunteer at Stoke Mandeville Hospital Radio every Tuesday evening.

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I joined up about a year ago with reasonably selfish reasons;

  • I wanted to learn about Radio
  • I wanted to practice my presentation skills
  • I thought I would enjoy it and I love music
  • I love entertaining people
  • I thought it might help launch my new career
  • Blah blah blah..

Now I get all the above (apart from the career launch bit, yet..) and I really love it, but part of my role as producer on the Tuesday night request show, is to go round the wards getting requests for the show. This is something I knew I would enjoy but I never expected it to be so profound.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 19.21.12

It’s funny isn’t, you do something and expect it will give you a certain result, but often that result turns out to be something different.


I am blessed. I get a weekly slice of perspective on what is truly important in life and it helps to drive me, it helps to ground me and it helps me to appreciate what I have. And I have a lot.

If you’re reading this on your computer or your smart phone or your tablet, you probably have a lot too.

Be grateful for it people. Use it. Use it wisely. Take the time you have and do something significant with it; tell that person you love them, turn off the telly and read that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages, hell WRITE the book you’ve been thinking about writing, book that holiday you don’t think you can afford, take that chance you’ve been talking yourself out of.

Take the shackles off your life and just get on with it. You see you never know just how long you’re going to have left to get it done.

Thanks for reading (and for watching)

A x



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