What would love do?

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well re-learned perhaps. Or maybe reinforced? It’s funny isn’t it, when your on a certain path (and looking) that the same message comes up over and over..

I’d been listening to a Wayne Dyer audio during the day and he was talking about the ability we all have to choose our world, to literally create what we want from our thoughts and to not allow other peoples negativity to affect (infect) us.. interesting it was (I love Wayne).

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So I was at the gym yesterday and there is this young lady there who helps the people check in and out and stuff, a kinda PR person. She was having a bad day. She was pleased to see me because I am a smiley person and she said that all the people were grumpy and rude today.

Well what you think about you bring about. She was stuck in that rut and all she could see was negativity. I tried to help her and get her to see that not everyone was upset, angry or rude and that she could focus on the positive people and not let anyone who was negative affect her, but she was having none of it. By the time I came back down from the gym to go home, her day had descended into chaos and she was actually shouting at a customer as I walked past her. Ouch.


Last night I went to an event in London called the Landmark Forum.

for those who are interested

The room was packed, the presenter was amazing, the testimonials were moving and content was resonant.

The final piece of the night was about relationships and how we can transform them by the way we respond. It really struck a chord with me and reminded me again of the power of choice.

I liked it so much that I made a little video this morning to help share the experience.

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I thought my evening was done, but the Universe wasn’t quite done with me yet.. when I got home I picked up my book to read a little before my bed time meditation. My current evening read is “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. It isn’t quite what it seems. It’s actually not a religious book at all but if you’ve any questions about life then I would highly recommend it. Neal (who is also not religious) was very angry so decided to write a letter to God expressing his frustration with his lot. As he finished the letter his hand was moved and he found that God answered him. He then entered into a conversation with ‘God’ and it makes for quite a read. Crackpot? Nut job? or Divine Inspiration? I’ll let you decide but I have found it to be quite a profound experience (oh and by the way, God has a wicked sense of humour)

Anyhooo. So I pick up the book and open it to the page I’d been at and this is what I read..

God- And so I tell you this: be now and forever centered upon your Self. Look to see what you are being, doing and having in any given moment, not what is going on with another. It is not in the action of another, but in your re-action that your salvation will be found.


The Universe works in strange ways indeed.

If you’re stuck with how to respond to someone or something that you perceive as negative in your life, ask yourself this question.

What would Love do?

Have a super Thursday my lovelies.


A x


Let me know whatcha think!