Accept it and flow

Acceptance = peace

So today I learned a lesson

and it’s a good one.

I learned to accept the way things are.

Simple right?

Yup, easy. And it leads to a cool place.


My friend Kia taught me that sometimes when things don’t go your way that it’s ok, that it is in fact just fine and this led me to the realisation that she is one seriously cool person. I mean can you imagine just not getting mad? Not getting angry? Ever? I know, it sounds like the holy grail, right? but seriously, when you realise that most often, the things that make you angry are out of your control or just there to teach you something, then life becomes a whole lot more fun.

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Today was epic. I was at a retreat and the setting was superb. The subject was Reiki, the class was ace, the people were lovely, the food was awesome and the setting was incredible. And there was a massive tree!

IMG_8937 IMG_8948 IMG_8943 IMG_8942


How blessed am I?

Have a lovely evening people.

A x


Let me know whatcha think!