An attitude of gratitude

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So I’m feeling really grateful

Which is nice.

and I’m a lucky boy.. I think it’s so important to appreciate what we have and this year I have learned to really appreciate lots of things in my life. Simple things like; walking the dog and seeing his fat little ass run around the park, the taste of fresh fruit, the beauty of nature, a smile from a stranger on the tube.

I used to take it for granted

But not anymore.

I notice things and I appreciate them.

In order to make room for more in your life you first need to be grateful for all that you already have

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So I was so happy and inspired that I made another video on Wednesday after talking to my friend Louise the day before and visiting the hospital in the evening.

One thing a lot of us take for granted and don’t appreciate fully is our health. It is only when you don’t have it that you realise how important it is. So I’ve been eating vegan and raw and I’ve been exercising and losing weight and I’ve been drinking a LOT less alcohol and a LOT more herbal tea and water. I’ve finally come to realise (it took me a while!) how important health is. It’s the MOST important thing and I’m grateful my health is good.

Either make time for exercise when you’re young or make time for illness when you’re older

Have a wonderful evening people, stay fit, stay healthy and be grateful for all you have.


xx Andy xx

Let me know whatcha think!